2006 Album Picks from the Master Storyteller

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Would you really care if the CEO of Wal-Mart had a list of the top book picks of 2006? The only, ONLY way I’d even give this half a glance is if those books were focused on business. Why? The only expertise I know of from this person would be his/her knowledge of the business world. So, why would you care if Stephen King, the master storyteller, gave his list of top albums of 2006? Well, here’s why I do…

First off, King is a HUGE music fan. In fact, all the song quotes that litter the chapters of my autobiography are a direct rip-off of an idea from King’s “It.” Second, King himself is a musician. Guitar, specifically. He plays in a rock band with other literary greats Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. So, there we go – he knows music, he knows writing. Combine those two and you have…??? His list of top album picks of 2006.

I’m a big subscriber to the idea that what you put in your head, you’ll get out on paper. King is the ultimate master of the literary world – a storyteller like no other. He’s well aware that writing comes in many forms – that songwriting is as valid of a form of the literary arts as the work turned out by a novelist. Thus, the more King I read, the better writer I, too, will be.

If this novelist’s music picks aid his writing of novels, they’ll likely help me, too. And, if nothing else, it’s just good kickin’ music! Here’s a link to the article on his top picks… and today, I plan on purchasing the Hank III and Josh Ritter picks!


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