Getting The Business Before The Business”

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Today, I called and set up an appointment to have my basement looked at next week. The basement waterproofing company is a household name in my parts, but now I’m starting to get an idea of why. After setting up the appointment, the receptionist explained, “We have an E mail packet we send out to those who have set appointments. We promise not to sell or use your E mail address for more than this mailing without your permission. Would you like to receive this E mail information?” I said yes, gave her my “crap mail” E mail address and, half an hour later, their message popped up. And, I’m glad it did!

First of all, even if I decide to go with another waterproofing company, this is impressive. I got to check out the history of the company, the different services and products they offer, client testimonials and links to their web site and even their MySpace account. If a company will go this far to market their biz, I’ve gotta think they’ll do a good job. Again, not sure I’ll use them, but giving me plenty of easy, accessible and pertinent information is a great selling point, no matter what you’re selling!

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