A Moment of Silence for the Reason I’m Alive

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Through my first year or so of college, I practically lived off of Top Ramen noodles. I mean, they’re tasty (i.e., loaded with sodium), have a variety of flavors (does anyone really think that chicken ramen tastes like chicken?) and fit every college student’s budget (since most college students don’t mind spending a whopping two nickles on a serving)! Alas, the inventor of our wonderful ramen noodles has gone to the big microwave in the sky *insert “Taps”*

Yep, over the weekend, the inventor of the ramen noodle finally died… in his mid-90s (and they say sodium is bad for ya!) Here’s to you, Mr. Ramen Noodle inventor guy… Jesus may have fed 5000, but you fed 500 million college kids like me – and for a lot cheaper!


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