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If you’ve read either of my books, you’ll likely remember my favorite nurse, Barb DeWalle. As a patient, Barb treated me differently than any other health care provider ever had; i.e., with compassion, dignity and respect.

Now, the tables are turned a bit. Barb’s son, Mark is in the fight for his life… again. Mark is a few years younger than me and is dealing with the second bout with a disease that could (and almost has before) put an end to his life. He is at Siteman Cancer Center here in St. Louis and, if you’re the praying sort, now would be a good time. If you’re not, throw some good energy down to Mark and Barb and their family. Please… if you’ve ever been influenced or impacted by something I’ve said, please know that Barb is part of the reason I’m alive – and help me re-pay that kindness to her and her family by helping them out however you can. Here’s the link to Mark’s web site:

Thanks, friends… this means a lot to me… and to the DeWalle family, too.

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