Okay, I’m Lame

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The Thursday night ritual(which I just started tonight, BTW) is to hang out on the couch and watch a TV show about other people hanging out on a couch, King of Queens. Tonight, Doug and Carrie picked up their fpictures from the photomat(obviously a re-run since hardly anyone actually still picks up photos) and they accidently got someone else’s shots. So, of course, they look through the pics. What do they find? Pics of a couple doing all sorts of fun stuff: scuba diving, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, etc. They quickly realize that this couple actually DOES the stuff they say they’re going to do. Granted, in typical King of Queens fashion, Doug and Carrie flub it all up, but gotta give them an “A” for effort!
The “someday” that so many people wait for doesn’t always come. This makes me re-committ to do all the stuff I say I’m going to do before I die-go to Bologna, Italy, learn to play piano, get better at playing an F chord on guitar, see Springsteen in concert, that sorta stuff…and who’d have thunk re-motivation could come from a sitcom!

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