Carson: America’s #1 Dog

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The AKC has just published its ranking of the most popular American dog breeds. At the top, your favorite breed and mine…the loveable lab! Yeah, Carson has a big head over this, as you can imagine!

This really isn’t all that surprising, actually. I mean, who doesn’t love a flop eared, happy-go-lucky lab? Poodle owners, perhaps? Right…like those are real dogs!

All funniness aside, there are at least a dozen times I can remember over the last decade when Dasher or Carson’s mere presence influenced a friend or acquaintance to get a lab puppy. My favorite was my sophomore year of college and my professor of music appreciation. The second day of class, she walks into the lecture hall, points at Dasher and states (to the entire class, I might add), “This dog is the reason there is no toilet paper in my house!” Beg pardon? She went on to explain that after the first class, she was so impressed with Dasher’s behavior and beauty that she went home and begged her spouse for a black lab. Yeah, guaranteed A for your old pal, Marcus, in that class!

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