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If you’ve been watching any news in the last 10 days, you’ve probably heard about the Miracle in Missouri. Over four years ago, a kid named Shawn Hornbeck was kidnapped about an hour outside of St. Louis. Then, earlier this month, another little boy was kidnapped in roughly the same area. Four days after the kidnapping earlier this month, both boys were found together in an apartment complex less than two miles from my home. This could very well be one of the most amazing stories of this decade…and the more one studies this case, the weirder it gets.
Everyone speculates(including me) as to what the circumstances surrounding this case actually are. Why didn’t Shawn try to run away? Why didn’t he make contact with his parents? Why didn’t he call the police on his cell phone? Why didn’t he tell anyone who he really was/is?
Tonight, my favorite radio show, The Dave Glover Show, interviewed a man who was himself abducted in the early 70s. During his ordeal, he was beaten, brutalized, raped, molested and chained to a log in the middle of the forest and left for dead. He was rescued by some passing hunters and the cops immediately caught the offender. The abductor was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced. While in jail, the other prisoners killed the idiot. And we all say in unison…”Good! He deserved it!” Well, most of us would say that. Logic would make you think the boy he abducted and tortured would be the one jumping for joy when he found out his captor was dead. Negative. Now, as a middle aged, well-adjusted and articulate man, he admits he still feels loss when he thinks about the death of his captor. What? Does this even make sense? No, it doesn’t…and he admits that.
I have the privledge of being one of the “lucky ones”; I’ve never been abused, never had neglect as a child, never had anyone touch me inappropriately, sexually or otherwise. I cannot put myself in the mind nor the skin of this man, nor anyone who HAS suffered abuse. Sure, I have my own ideas and uneducated conclusions about the Shawn Hornbeck case, but they’re just that: uuneducated. And even when we all know the truth? It still probably won’t make sense to us. Like the gentleman who was interviewed tonight, I’m starting to realize that some things just won’t make sense-and may never. And we just have to accept that as part of this world in which we live; a world that is sometimes the most heartwarming and fantastic places imaginable(i.e., the day Shawn and Ben were found), and sometimes the most sickening and inhumane world we can imagine(i.e., the day Martin Anderson, the guest on the DGS, was abducted).

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