It’s About Time…but What’s With Georgia?

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One of my Saturday night rituals has become watching 20/20 Mystery. Last night, it was a pretty typical case: guy and wife are divorcing, she has a lover, she’s found dead of an apparent suicide. Well, as they investigated, they found the husband had an ex-girlfriend who died as an apparent suicide over a decade before. So, the dude fessed up and off to prison he went. I believe he got 80 years in prison, and he’d be up for parole in 2020. Yep, this was just a couple of years ago, but the murderer will be up for release in only 13 years. Two homicides, one where his own son would almost definitely be the one to find the body of his slain mother.
Now, this morning, I’m having my Sunday morning ritual of coffee and the Sunday paper. I was excited to see a sentence in a DWI death that took place in the St. Louis area, Jerseyville, Illinois, to bbe exact. In this crash, some redneck who was drun and coked up, hit a pedestrian as the pedestrian and a tow truck driver tried to pull the pedestrian’s car out of a ditch. The sentence? 10 years. When is he up for parole? Nnot until 85% of the sentence is served. Props to IL for finally, finally taking DWI crash victims seriously and handing down some harsh sentences.
And the question begs to be answered…what’s with our country’s legal system? I don’t mean to dis it too much since, well, we’re better than most countries on earth, but really…does this seem like GA has their act together?

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