Why craigslist.org is the best site on the web…other than marcusengel.com!

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So, in an effort to get rid of all the crap I have before moving to Florida, I posted on-line classified ads on craigslist.org. Within a few hours of posting the listing for my treadmill, there were nearly a dozen inquiries. The gentleman who ultimately purchased the machine works for Nestle who owns Purina who make Carson’s dog food, Purina Pro Plan. I noticed he made several comments about the food-the flavor, the size of the bag, the age of dog formula, etc. When he returned this evening to take the treadmill to it’s new adoptive home, he brought along a bag of Purina Pro Plan, adult formula, chicken and rice-and Carson was one very happy dog! Thanks, Rick, for taking this treadmill off my hands and for keeping a few pounds on my pup! And thanks, Craig, for having the best site on the web! BTW, there are quite a few other things from Chateau Engel on there…including the house itself! E mail for details!

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