What’d You Get for Valentine’s Day?

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I’ve had a few friends ask this today, so I figured I’d just tell the world…and tell the world why it’s meaningful, while I’m at it. *drum roll, please*….The Valentine’s Day haul from the lovely and talented Marvelyne was a Kris Kristofferson CD, a pound of coffee(in the bean, as I like it), a kick butt Polo shirt and some Bisinger’s chocolates, direct from STL. Each of these is special because it shows how well she knows me. I’ve been searching for Kris’ “Me and Bobby McGee” for a long, long time, coffee and Marcus are like kids and puppies(just less slurping), I love long sleeved Polo shirts with henley collars AND I first introed Marvelyne to Bisinger’s a few years ago after she’d heard me talk about it ever since we met. Now, I am NOT a chocoholic by a long shot. In fact, it’s not even on my top 10 list of foods. But Bisinger’s? Yeah, it rocks!(BTW, anyone from Bisinger’s reading this? How about ya hook a brutha up for the free advertising?!)
My opinion on gifts is that they should ONLY bbe given if one is absolutely certain the other will like it. Otherwise? We all have far, far too many material goods. Gifts that come from the heart and reflect the relationship are those that will be cherished forever…either that or until the chocolate and Starbucks runs out! Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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