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Becca, the hairdresser extraordinaire, had her way with my Hendrix white man’s fro today. And, as always, she showed her talent by turning my Cosmo Kramer head of hair into something manageable and, dare I say, cool!
Yet, wwhile we chit chatted, I was a little sad to learn that Becca would soon be leaving her current salon. When I asked why, she gave an answer I thought was worth sharing: “I want to work with hairdressers who are better than me.” Becca has worked her way to the paramount of her current salon. She could easily stay there, pulling in more dough than any of the other employees. But, she wants to challenge herself by associating and learning from those who have more talent, experience and techniques than she does.
So often, people reach the top of their “circle” and strive for nothing else. Not Becca. She wants to continue to learn, expand and grow in her work-a sign she is a true professional. And a lesson we can all learn from

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