I Hate Myself Right Now

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I have just spent the last 30 minutes watching a Broward Co., FL judge ramble on about his in laws, his baby at home, his angry wife, San Francisco, the Bronx, Texas, how much he’s afraid of death and funerals, his health and a million other things of no relevance to anything-and darned sure not the case of Anna Nicole he’s been appointed to determine. What a complete mockery of the legal system. I mean, this entire freaking mess is nothing less than lawyer ego getting in the law’s way. I have never, EVER seen an episode of such self centeredness outside of a high school! And know what’s worse? I’m watching this crap! I have approximately 45 more years on this planet and I have just wasted a good portion of this afternoon watching idiots act like the law is nothing more than their personal looking glass. And know what’s worse than the worst thing I just told you? I’m going to keep watching this! God, sometimes I hate myself!

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