Wake Forest University, February 20

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Many of you who’ve read “After This…” may recognize the name “Steve Hirst” from the back cover. Steve is the Greek advisor for Wake Forest University, as well as being a good friend. This is a pic of he and I before my program for the Greeks of WFU on Tuesday.
Thanks Steve!

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  • Ron Graham

    Wow! How classy it is that somebody had the insight to take the time and effort to make a CD of the songs in your book. I’m pretty insightful and I hadn’t ever thought of that. Very cool!

  • Marcus Engel

    Yeah, I know! I made a “greatest Hits” CD off of the first book, but this one is mucho better! Amy Davis at Gaston College is an AHEAD member and has this awesome energy that I wish I had! One of the most bubbly clients I’ve ever had and she totally bent over backwards to set everything up just so!

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