Clifford the Big Red Dog Rocks!

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So, after the last 10 plus hours of sending out E mails to potential clients, I wanted to dull my mind with some mindless TV. So, nothing beats cartoons, right? First station I came to was showing re-runs of Clifford. I heard a familiar word come from the TV-a word that I usually hear coming from my own mouth, but not from anyone else. The word? Hup up. Okay, maybe that’s two words. Anyway, “Hup up” is the phrase I say to Carson when he needs to pay more attention. It can also be used if I want Carson to pick up the pace a bit. And finally, hup up is also said when Carson walks up to an obstacle like stairs, but isn’t quite close enough for me to find the stair with my foot. So, imagine my surprise when I heard “hup up” from Clifford!
Well, in this episode, Clifford makes a new friend, B.B. B.B. is a guide dog and her owner, Jenny, maneuvers around Clifford’s neighborhood; but Clifford and his doggie friends don’t understand why B.B. ignores them sometimes. As Clifford and friends learn, B.B. is working when she’s in harness and knows her job is to pay attention to the master.
Gotta say, it really made my day to see such a positive lesson crafted in the form of a cartoon! Thanks, Clifford, for teaching our little friends about guide dog etiquette!

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    We’ve seen this one several times!

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