Pride and Pennies

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I sold my house today. And as of April 26 when the new owners will take possession, I’ll officially be homeless. Well, not really, but I will officially no longer be a Missourian.
This almost didn’t happen today. Why??? Because yours truly has moments of jackassedness. And one of those came today.
See, I wanted a certain price for my house. The comps show it to be worth that much, the condition of the home is pristine and the updates and maintenence don’t hurt either. Well, I forgot to remember one key rule: look at the big picture. See, when the buyer offered me $500 less than what I thought would be my minimum, I turned it down and counter offered. Bad idea. I mean, really, what’s $500 when this is the cost of a house? Good luck finding many houses in America today where $500 will make or break the price of a single family home. Alas, I got all proud and stupid that this house, MY HOME, was worth X amount. No matter what. But what about the ease? What about the fact I met and like the buyers? What about the fact I can take the profits and invest them for a few months and make that $500 while I’m searching for our new home in Florida? These are things that got in the way…the old saying, “spend a dime trying to save a nickle” comes to mind. Which, when you look at the big picture, all boils down to pride-and I have really, REALLY worked at not being proud over the last few years. Luckily, after I turned down their offer, my human calculator, Marvelyne(and what a hottie calculator she is!)showed me that it really was a good deal. Thus, I called the agent back, groveled and swallowed my pride. And now? I’m on my way to being homeless! And I couldn’t be happier!

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  • Kathleen

    Congratulations on the sale of your house!

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