The Nicest Home in the Projects

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Last night, I got sucked into one of those lame plastic surgery medical shows. Only this time, it wasn’t being done on some anonymous housewife from the ‘burbs, but on a quazi-celebrity. Remember The Apprentice and the girl, Omarosa?(Yes, I reallize I spelled this horribly…well, actually, it might bbe right since I can barely pronounce her name, much less spell it). Anyway, she was the villian on The Apprentice and was known for her ‘tude. Not only was the ex-Apprentice star going under the knife, but she was going in with her mother who, too, would be privvy to the sharpthings docs use. Now, as on all good medical plastic surgery shows, the producer tries to make you feel kinda sorry for the person going under the knife. Makes sense, otherwise we’d just always remember this chick as the nasty mean girl! So, the producer has the two beauties-to-be talk about their lives together. One thing Omarosa said that struck me was when she talked of her childhood. Her father was violently killed when she was young and her mom moved the kids to the projects, worked two or three jobs and did everything she could to help the family survive. Omarosa said(and I paraphrase), “We lived in the hood, but we weren’t ‘the hood.’ Mom showed us that we could live in a place, but we didn’t have to have the mindset of that place. So, we had the cleanest house and the best yard of anyone else in the projects.”
Friends, the “villian” shows a little character here, doesn’t she? We all have environments that are tough to get out of, but environment doesn’t equate to where one is in his/her mind.

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