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In an effort to get to know my soon-to-be-new home, I spent some time watching an Orange Co, FL town hall meeting on local TV. The mayor of Orlando(sorry, haven’t learned his name yet) made a comment about the crime in O-Town. As we all know, juevenile crime is usually rooted in boredom-if there’s nothing to do, kids will find some trouble to get into. Thus, the mayor is a proponent of after school programs, midnight basketball leagues, those sorts of youth-aimed activities that have proven successful in other parts of the country. The mayor brought it a bit closer to home by saying that when he was a kid, his mother had a montra: A tired boy is a good boy.
So, being human, I immediately thought of myself. I am NOT a good boy when I’m tired. Iin fact, I’m pretty much a grade A jerk when fatigue starts to set in. I guess I’m sorta like an infant in that way! But, his point is well-taken: give kids stuff to do, they’ll keep their noses clean.

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