How MySpace Makes Me Literate

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Yesterday, I got a message through MySpace from an old fraternity brother from college. Other than answering his message, I took a look at his profile. Scott is a highly intelligent guy, so when I took a look at his list of fav reads, I got some ideas. I took down two or three titles that sounded like they’d be right up my alley and they have been added to my “to read” list; something that grows longer by the day!
Earlier today, Ii was looking around for some other old friends from college and came across another list of favorite books, this time, though, they were from a girl I used to camp with. When two or three of her favs matched with my taste, I wrote every other title down that I haven’t already read. Thus, with two quick views of profiles, I have nearly a dozen new titles to check out. Who’d have thought a web site that wastes so much time could, in fact, end up making all off us smarter?

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