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When I’ve worked at the American Youth Foundation’s Camp Miniwanca, we have a saying: The true sign of a leader is the ability to adapt. True? I think so!
Lately, I’ve bbeen reading Thomas Friedman’s, “The World Is Flat.” Globalization is the theme of this book, pure and simple(if there is even a remote chance that globalization is anywhere near simple). Friedman’s point is the age old idea of levelling the playing ffield. Well, upon his studies of globalization amongst many of the world’s countries, he has determined that the playing field is level and the world is now flat. Read the book and I think you’ll agree.
Tonight, the evening discussion was how the world has changed in the last ddecade. Has the USPS seen a decrease in biz since we now send letters via E mail and pay bills on line? Things like that. My thought was about cameras, pictures and film. When is the last time anyone took your pic using traditional film? Years ago? When is the last time you thought about going to a photomat to pick up your photos from vacation? Kodak saw the writing on the wall with digital cameras and began to produce the premium photo paper for when you actually DO print out pics. Plus, their software for editing photos is some of the best on the market. In this changing world, Kodak adapted, changed and ultimately carved out a new niche for the company. To that end, companies that continue to adapt and grow will be those we see decades ffrom now. The rest? Well, tthere’s always space on EBay for antiques!

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