My Couch Is Worth More Than Your Couch!

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Today, I was wasting time on my favorite web site, If you’re not familiar, craigslist is this simple-to-use on line community of folks who are advertising and searching for just about everything. Need a carbuerator for a 78 Chevy? You can get it on craigslist. Need a lawyer? Craigslist. Want a Showbiz Pizza neon sign from 1983?Yep, you can get that too!(I actually saw one of these today, BTW).
Lately, I’ve been searching for a used refrigerator to put in the garage and use for “extras.” Being a cheapskate, I like to stock up when diet Coke is on sale! It strikes me as funny how some people think their stuff is worth more than the stuff of others. For example, we all know that as soon as a new car rolls off the lot, the owner will probably only get 50% for what he/she just paid for it. That’s pretty well common knowledge. So, it strikes me as funny when two people have leather sofas which they say are equal in age and in excellent condition, but one person is selling his/hers for $1000, while the other is selling his/hers for less than half that. I think it’s an interesting study of how we value things to think I won’t sell my couch/house/car/Disney tea cup collection for anything but what I think it’s worth-but I wouldn’t pay someone that same amount of money for the exact same thing! It’s just interesting to see how some folks think their “stuff” is golden, and others realize their stuff is just stuff!

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