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A few nights ago, I was honored to speak for the students at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. After the keynote, Carson was getting his mandatory lovin’ from some of the members of Kappa Delta sorority. One of the members made a comment that I hear fairly regularly which I now paraphrase: “Wow, after hearing what you went through, it makes me kinda embarassed for all the little things I complain about.”
Madame(and everyone else), my goal is never to make people feel bad. The past is the past and we can do nothing to change that, but we can determine how we choose to view our future. Trust me, I’m not exempt from BMW sessions(that’s b*itch, moan and whine, for the uninitiated reader)…we all do it, and none of us should. We’re living in the richest country on earth, we have food, clothing, shelter and plenty of amenities to keep us comfy. And we still complain. Me included. But try…try to keep it in perspective because, well, when we look at the rest of the world, we have nothing, NOTHING to complain about. Thanks to the young lady who said this the other night-thanks for bringing this up so I can tell others that this isn’t to make anyone feel bad, but just to appreciate what we have.

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