What If Carson Was a Girl?

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Tonight, my lovely fiance posed a question I’ve thought of before: What if Carson’s replacement might someday be a female? I prefer males for my Seeing Eye dogs, but that’s only because Dasher was a dude and I got used to saying, “Good boy!” Tradition carries on with Carson. When it gets down to brass tacks, I’m not all that concerned with the sex of my dog. And, if memory holds correct, the sex doesn’t matter for the dog’s working behavior.
So, color me surprised when, just a few minutes later, Fox News ran a segment on a Dr. Jacobson, a vet in Fort Collins, CO, has developed a way to manipulate the sex of a dog before birth.When interviewed, Dr. Jacobson said that certain manipulation in certain breeds could be quite beneficial. He gave the example of Seeing Eye dogs as one breed/type of dog that this may benefit. Beg pardon? I’m doubtful my friends in Morristown, NJ would agree with his comment and, if they do not, then Dr. Jacobson needs to find another group of dog assistance schools to claim he represents.

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