The Last King of Scotland

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Came out on DVD today and we got it. Wow. Just wow. Edie Amin(sp?) was a dictator in Uganda who, like all whackjob dictators, was a paranoid. He considered one of his closest advisors a Scottish physician who originally came to Uganda to do mission work. Somehow, the doc got in with Amin’s good graces and the dictator turned to the doc for advice-even on political matters. Behind said physician’s back, the paranoid Amin was killing his own countrymen left and right. The follow up to the story that scrolls by at the end of the flick said Amin was overthrown in ’79, died in exile in Saudia Arabia about five years ago. Before he was overthrown, he’d killed over 300,000 Ugandans. Wow.
Can we even comprehend something this horrendous? Hardly. We’re all still swimming in shock due to the shootings at Virginia Tech, and rightfully so. I, personally, will probably never get over what happened on 9-11, and rightfully so. But 300,000 people? Can we comprehend, I mean really comprehend, that many human beings bbeing slaughtered? We should. It happened in Iraq, too. And in Europe within the lifetime of my parents and grandparents. And it’s happening right now in many other parts of the world. 300,000 lives. Gone. There’s something to be said for remaining independent of the problems of other countries, but when we know stuff like this is going on, as human beings, I think we have at least some responsibility to NOT continue to allow other human beings to be killed in mass numbers. No?

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