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Helplessness is a shitty feeling. Oh, BTW, if you’re outrageously offended by profanity, then maybe you shouldn’t surf the net. Anyway, there’s no better way to put it than what I just wrote. Helplessness sucks.
When I was hospitalized, one of the sentiments I got the most often from visitors and friends was, “Marcus, what can I do to help? I feel so useless to you…” The thing is, just by being there, no matter how little tangible evidence there was to the contrary, their simple presence was the biggest help I could receive(short of narcotics). Those who have laid in a hospital bed have known helplessness. Those who have sat by a hospital bed occupied by a loved one may know it more than anyone else. But, trust me, as someone who has been there, words from friends, loved ones, and even strangers are priceless. Simply priceless.
A few months ago, I blogged about Mark Dewalle, the son of my favorite nurse, Barb, who many of you may have read about in “After This…” or “The Other End of the Stethoscope.” Mark is fighting a rare and aggressive form of cancer-and has been for the last several years. As with any cancer, the good times and bad intertwine on the roller coaster journey that is recovery. Mark is currently going through some additional rounds of chemo and treatments that are a low point on the path to health. His mom and he have created a new web site:

and they’re hoping you’ll visit it. Friends of mine, strangers, anyone and everyone. And again, even if you don’t know me, if you don’t know Mark, it doesn’t matter-good energy is created when you sign his guest book. And we can all benefit from that. Thanks for taking a minute out of your day to help out Mark, Barb and their family during this time.

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