Did Andy Rooney Just Slit His Own Throat?

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Did you catch 60 Minutes? Tonight was the first time in a coon’s age(whatever that means) that I got to witness a Andy Rooney commentary there, as it happened. Apparently, it’s closing in on Rooney’s 1000th commendary on 60 Minutes. Tonight, he showed us around his office and shared a few of his favorite books. He made the point that every bit of film he’s ever been on is stored in a special storeroom at the studio. He also wondered aloud whether videotape would outlast books…and surprised me by saying, “I hope not.” For a TV man to then go onto promote books, especially sharing a few of his favs,spoke volumes to me. Props to ol’ andy for helping promote literary mindedness in this ever-growing world of the boob tube.

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    i liked what andy had to say and plan to read some of the books all if i can.

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