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Marilee Jones, the Dean of Admissions at M.I.T. has just been found out to be a fraud. In 1979, she was hired at an entry level position at M.I.T. in the Admissions Dept. in order to help drum up more female applicants. She rose through the ranks to the position of dean and, as the public has now learned, Ms. Jones misrepresented her own education. After claiming she had three separate degrees from upstate NY universities, she admitted she does not even hold an undergraduate degree. An M.I.T. official stated that when she was hired nearly 30 years ago, the position she held probbably didn’t require the education she claimed to have. Now, however, it’s pretty embarassing for one of the top universities in the country to have the head of it’s admissions dept. be a fraud.
When I read of this duping, I was angry. Really, I was. I hate, HATE individuals who misrepresent themselves purposefully. I tend to be a pretty trusting individual, and since I don’t lie to people, it stands to reason I don’t want to be lied to. Yet, others don’t see it that way. And when I put trust in someone, like M.I.T. has put in Ms. Jones for the last three decades, I get angry when Ii learn that trust has been broken.
The really, really bad part of this is that Ms. Jones has been travelling extensively as of late, promoting a book on how college applicants can make the app. process less stressful. Every blessed word of her book may be true and helpful, but when it’s written by a liar, I simply can’t give that person the respect the work probably deserves. In fact, I don’t give them credit at all! Shameful and pathetic. Don’t lie and you’ll never have this problem.

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