REK, The Month From Hell and Feelin’ Good

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If you’ve ever moved, you know what a colossal pain in the arse it is. But, have you ever bought a new house? Even bigger pain. Or sold a house? Still painful. Ever planned a wedding? Yep, pain. Or a reception? A honeymoon? Had movers take possession of every earthly thing you own, then tell you they have criminal records? Yeah, this was April for me. Even things as joyful as planning a wedding becomes, well, a big ol’ headache.

So, last Thursday, the headache went away. The house in Orlando had been closed on two weeks earlier, the sale of my home in STL went through after a few roadblocks set up thanks to the idiotic IRS, the movers delivered my stuff with minimal damage to our new home in FL AND everyone had received their invitations to our wedding in July. Did all these combine to be one ginormous load off my shoulders? You bet your criminal record!

Meanwhile, last week a bud sent me the link to the MySpace page of one of my favorite artists, Robert Earl Keen. Keen is a kick butt singer/songwriter out of Texas and, if you haven’t heard of him, chances are, you’re not a Texan. If you’re a Texan and you still aren’t familiar with REK, then you’re lame! But, I don’t know any lame Texans, so I’m pretty sure that’s about the same as Sasquatch or Nessie.

On REK’s MySpace profile, he has the song(my fav Keen tune), “Feelin’ Good Again.” Not only was it a treat to hear this pop up on my CPU this morning, but I thought, “Ya know, now that April is over, I AM feelin’ good again!”
So, here’s to May 07 being a less stressful, more joyful and even better time filled with my fiance, Marvelyne, my new almost stepkids and the beginning of my new life in Florida! Bring on the Buffett!

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