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Last night was Tuesday, which around here means Boston Legal night! I am so so so not a fan of TV in general, but Boston Legal has some of the best writing I’ve heard in a long, long time(other than South Park and Reno 9-11). Plus, they often work in some serious and current legal topics into theirr line-up. Several weeks ago, I blogged about the sorority at DePauw University where members had been kicked out due to their appearance(supposedly). Last night, Boston Legal used this as one of their mini-storiess. The name of Boston Legal’s fictious sorority? Gamma Kappa Tau. The city wwhere DePauw University is located? Greencastle, Indiana. Other than K, “Kappa” can be used to make words that start with “C” in the Greek alphabet. So, GCT would bbe the fictious sorority’s letters. Mere coincidence that translates to an abbreviated version of Greencastle? Maybe-but with the cleverness of Boston Legal’s writers, I doubt this was anything other than a brain teaser for those who care to think a little deeper.

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