Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

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Last night, I happened upon a show by the title of this post. In it, trivia buffs are pitted against the knowledge of an average 5th grader. I felt more than a little stupid since, well, one of the questions was about the square root of something and I hadn’t thought about what a square root is since, oh, fifth grade!
While I was watching the show, I got a call from my mom-a woman who really WAS a fifth grade teacher for many years. Even though she taught the stuff, I’m sure she’d also have to brush up on some of the items on the quiz show. And, if you ask some of the biggest and brightest leaders in the business world, chances are, many of them also would not do so hot on this show.
It kinda makes me sad that we sit there ripping on a 45 year old man for not knowing little bits of trivia that is considered 5th grade knowledge. Who is to say this gentleman doesn’t routinely work in a field where he saves livves? Or that he leads America’s young leaders? Granted, there is a certain amount of knowledge I think we all should havve, but the whole purpose of this show seems to be to try to get adults to look like idiots, just so the folks at home can get their jollies by knowing answers the contestant didn’t get right.

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