45 Days in the Hole

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Due to being on a bit of a vacation lately(if you call moving a vacation), I’ve been out of the loop with current happenings. Last night, after watching the re-run of South Park’s episode with Al and the Boy Scout troop, I happened to catch a few minutes of headlines. Color me unsurprised when Paris Hilton was one of the top stories. People who are famous for being famous annoy me. People who have such celebrity and choose to use it for nothing more than self promo annoy me even more. People who have that power and then actually do harmful and dangerous stuff to get more publicity are even more annoying than the previously two stated annoyances. Thus, I hate Paris Hilton.
Paris gets a DWI? Same as for anyone-she deserves the fullest extent of punishment the law will allow. And since she took the softball thrown at her for her DWI sentence and totally disregarded it, she gets 45 days in jail. Good. Not just because I can’t stand her, but because once again it shows such a disgusting example of entitlement. A total disregard for the law, then another total disregard for taking responsibility for one’s mistakes is dispicable. Have fun, Paris…hope you learn something this time!

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