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A few weeks ago, you may have seen the 60 Minutes episode about snitchin’, the street lingo for informing and cooperating with law enforcement when a crime has occurred. Specifically, the hip hop world has coined the phrase, “Stop Snitchin'” and encourages those with info on crimes to keep it to themselves and not tell the cops. Rapper Cam’Ron(Killa Cam) was interviewed on 60 Minutes and said he simply will never cooperate with police-on anything…even if he’s living next door to a serial killer.
This sorta fascinated me. Cam’Ron has a reputation to protect; that of being gangsta thug, participating in criminal activity, all things illegal. If he WOULD cooperate with police if he knows info on a crime, it really hurts his credability as a thug. Yet, for him to encourage average citizens to keep their traps shut seems irresponsible. Unfortunately, those living in the economically deprived areas of the inner cities idolize rappers like Cam’Ron and NOT true minority leaders like, oh, Bill Cosby. Thus, we have the entire “stop snitchin'” movement.
Now, I again have some sympathy/understanding of Killa Cam’s position-he’s a thug. If he acts like a responsible citizen, he hurts his rep. So, for weeks, I’ve been trying to think of scenarios where Cam’Ron could inform on someone where it wouldn’t infringe on his persona.
Earlier this month, a California State University-Sacramento student was killed by a stray bullet outside a night club, right across the street from campus. This student, a service sorority member, was the sober driver for her friends. Gang activity in the club spilled out onto the street and a bullett intended for another found it’s way into her. Dead. 20 years old. Innocent. Would Killa Cam inform on who did this? He says no. But would it hurt him? Doubtful. Anyone who can hear of an innocent dying in the line of gang fire and NOT want to inform is a fool. Killa Cam included.

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