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This morning, I happened upon an article about an “incident” that took place last week in Tennessee. A class of 6th graders were on a week long field trip to a park. During the evening, the teachers and staff staged a “drill” of an attacking gunman. The staff started spreading word to the kids that a gunman was on the loose, that there’d been a random shooting and this was an emergency. All the kids were made to lie down, get under their bunks and keep quiet-like that’s going to happen!
The staff even went so far as to have an adult in a hooded sweatshirt beating on the door of the cabin, trying to get in. And why? To try to get the kids prepared if something like this really would happen. Fair enough-but let’s think how many idiots, er, staff this needed to take place. There were over 60 students involved. This means there were probably a minimum of 10 adults in leadership roles. Not all could have been teachers, but some had to be. And teachers should know better than to think scaring the beejesus out of kids will prepare them for anything except anger at the offender. I mean, this was a fairly well planned out “drill”…during the planning, did no one stop and say, “Uh, is this really a good idea to scare the hell out of kids?” Apparently not.
I’m all for preparing our students to live in today’s world. After all, we do fire drills, tornado drills and terrorism drills…many schools, in the wake of Collonbine, also do school emergency drills. This is fine, but to pull a prank like this just after Virginia Tech’s recent tragedy was just insane.

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