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Caught some show on the History Channel today about gigantic events that happen in mere seconds. This episode was about a flight leaving D.C. during a snowstorm in 1982. I don’t remember this plane crash, but from the winter of 82, about all I DO remember is the snow being so deep my sister and I made a tunnel. But, apparently that was a pretty harsh winter all across the eastern half of the country.

As the plane took off, it couldn’t gain altitude and, as the seconds ticked by, it begaan to fall from the sky. Many people were killed and lives were changed…again, in mere seconds.
It made me think how precarious life really is. I mean, I could walk out the front door tomorrow morning and a meteorite may push me 50 feet into the ground. Unlikely, but the passengers on the flight thought the same thing. With so many potential accidents, I walk a fine line of philosophy: being safe…or being so in love with life that you never even worry about anything but the moment you’re in. Oh, what to say, what to say!
Obviously, I’m a safety minded person. Yet, that’s as much for the people who love me. I don’t want to do anything stupid that could cause them harm. By that same token, I love life so much that I wouldn’t want to risk losing this awesome time I’m currently having. Be safe, but only to the extent you don’t hurt or kill yourself. Past that? Emotional safety? Hey, don’t worry about that! Those times when one’s comfort level is put to the side are the times we enjoy most in life!

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