For A Neighbor?…Nothing!

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Since the grass in the back yard is so high a toddler could get lostt back there, we figured it was time to get a yard service. Just a few houses down, our neighbor has a lawn maintenence service. Since it was a beautiful night last night, we walked down to talk to him about being our yard guy.
Not only did he and his wife walk down to take a look at our yard, but in the dark, he walked around and adjusted every sprinkler head. He then offered to take a look at every aspect of our home to be sure the builder did everything they said. When we asked how much this inspection service would cost, in broken English, he said, “For a neighbor?…Nothing!”

Without aany agreement, without a dollar being paid, he already helped us improve some aspects of our home. I’m not sure if this is a Venezuelan work ethic, the fact they’re just nice people, that we’re neighbors or what, but either way, this kind of friendly service is what would make him a valueable resource, no matter what biz he’s in. We could all learn from this gentleman.

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