Let’s See…Who Else Can I Sue?

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Last month, my hometown St. Louis Cardinals suffered a tragedy. Josh Hancock, a relief pitcher, was killed in a car crash in St. Louis. Sympathy turns to a bit of disgust when you learn that Hancock’s blood alcohol concentration was nearly twice the legal limit. Here’s a quick synopsis:
Driver is driving down the highway and his car stalls out. While this is happening, a tow truck just happens by, sees the stalled vehicle and stops to help. A few minutes later, Hancock comes along and runs into the back of the tow truck, ultimately killing himself in the wreck.
Authorites reported later that Hancock was drunk, speeding, not wearing a seat belt andd talking on a cell phone. Marijuana was also found in his vehicle.
When you learn the facts of the case, again, sympathy and sadness turn to disgust…at least, that’s the case with me.
Hancock’s father is now suing the restaurant where his son got intoxicated, the manager of the restaurant, the tow truck AND the driver of the original stalled car.
I hate, HATE that restaurants and bars will serve individuals who are already intoxicated. Yet, that is very, very difficult to monitor. There probably is some justification for legal action against a restaurant that knowingly served an intoxicated patron. But the tow truck company? The tow truck driver? The guy who’s car stalled? Those all seem ridiculous.
Let’s not forget that Hancockk did not HAVE to get drunk. He did not have to get in his car. He did not have to speed. He had the option to put on his belt. He had the option of NOT being on a phone…who’s really to blame?
I feel for any family member who loses a loved one, especially in such a sudden way. But let’s not forget who is really at fault here, people.

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