Is This Really a Texan Saying?

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Friday night I attended a graduation ceremony. The keynote speaker for commencement was a Texan who shared what he claimed wass a “saying we have in Texas.” I have yet to find a Texan who will corroborate his claim, but here’s the bit:

If you see a turtle on a fence post, he didn’t get up there by himself.

His point was that no one can reach heigths alone…what he failed to mention was…if a turtle ends up on top of a fence post, said turtle is SCREWED!
His point is a valid one, but even more profound is the idea that once one is at the top, if they don’t have help, they are completely helpless.
Whether you’re a graduate or a turtle, be willing to help those who need a hand up, but also be willing to step in and run a rescue mission when the situation calls!

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  • Ron Graham


    You know I’m about as Texan as I can be. Even though I wasn’t born in Texas, I got here as soon as I could.

    Now, about that saying… I’ve heard that before, but am pretty certain that this was in some movie somewhere, not as true, homespun Texas cowboy logic.

    Still, the meaning behind the words are as good as the credited Lone Star State, so run with it.

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