Quitting Vs. Acceptance

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Over the last few months, I’ve asked readers of Engel’s Ensights to throw out some prayers and good energies for a guy named Mark DeWalle. Mark is the 26 year old son of Barb, the wonderful nurse many of you met through “After This…” and “Stethoscope.” Mark was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer a few years back. He did the chemo, got better, got worse, did the chemo, repeat over and over and over. The brother has tenacity and drive to keep fighting the poison.
I received an E mail from Mark’s aunt today. She said that after a lot of soul searching, Mark has decided to refuse any more chemo. As you might expect, unless there is some sort of miracle, Mark has chosen to take control of his own life. And his own death.
When he spoke to his Mom about it, he said he was afraid everyone would think he was a quitter. Not sure about anyone else on this planet, but fighting cancer for this long doesn’t show any traits of a quitter. Now, acceptance is sometimes even harder to fight, but Mark has made that choice. It’s one that no one, NO ONE can make but Mark. And I give the dude props for choosing to control his life, the way he wants.
Still, if you’re the praying type, throw a few out for Mark and Barb and their family. And if you’re so inclined, check his web site and see the tremendous impact this guy has had on his world:


Thanks, folks…I appreciate it.

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