70 Years Since the Hat Toss

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This morning on NPR, there was a segment about South High School in Lima, OHH. Today, the class of 1937 is celebrating their 70th class reunion. 70 years. Wow!
What’s better, the class representative being interviewed talked about how much fun the class had in high school. Keep in mind that this was smack dab in the midst of the Great Depression.. Still, the dozen or so classmates that will show up to today’s reunion don’t seem to focus on the fact that their high school years were spent fighting through the biggest downturn in the American economic cycle, but rather, they focused on the things kids should focus on-dates, basketball games, studying, etc.
Plus, maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s the cutest thing in the world to see folks who are in the twilight years still embracing and loving life with all the vitality and energy they had as youngsters. Cheers to the South High School Class of ’37!

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