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Safeco Insurance, based in Seattle, has a new thang called “Teensurance.” In essence, Safeco gives parents(a.k.a. policy holders) a device the size of a Blackberry that is mounted inside the teen’s car. Using GPS, the device will send a text message to the policy holder/parent if the teen driver speeds or strays from a designated area. Let’s call this what it is: spying.

Spying is every parent’s right, especially where cars are concerned. This goes double if the parent owns the car, holds the policy on the car’s insurance and allows the teen to use the car at all. Kids aren’t going to like it, sure. And then they have an option: get their own vehicle and buy their own insurance. Until then, parents have every right to know where their property is.
Would I have said this when I was 16? Or, is this just a reaction to being an almost stepparent? Actually, I was given TONS of liberty, car wise, when I was a teen. And I tried my best to respect that due to the fact I wasn’t paying the insurance. Maybe it’s a sign of the changing times about to take place in my life, but if property is purchased by anyone, that same anyone has all the rights to it.
And really, who are we kidding? Within a year, every cell phone and car manufactured in the states will probably have GPS capability. A good idea? This is up for debate, but it’s certainly going to hold teens accountable.

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