We’re Not the Perfect Family

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Today I got an E mail from my soon-to-be new brother-in-law, Steve. He was writing to ask me to speak to his organization in the near future, but I was also glad to just hear from any of those in the family I’m marrying into. I’ve met Steve once and it was very brief, really nothing more than a handshake and an introduction.
So, at the end of his message, I was glad to read a P.S. It said, “We’re definitely not the perfect family, but we’re all we’ve got. Let’s make the best of it and have fun”

Really, isn’t this all we(or anyone) can do? We don’t get to choose our family members. If that were the case, so many of us certainly wouldn’t choose who we have! But family is one of the core units of our culture and the only way I know how to live is to help make those family ties knot as smoothly as possible.

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