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One of my long time buds, Dave, is a social worker at a residential care facility for severely abused children. I’ve done some pro bono work at this place and, I’ve gotta tell ya, you don’t even want to hear stories about the crap these kids have been through unless you have a strong stomach. And really, not even then. If you sat me in a room and had me think up awful scenarios for a year, my tales still wouldn’t equal the treatment these kids have endured.

A few weeks ago, we were playing poker and Dave was telling war stories from his work. Another friend asked, “Ya know, with kids this emotionally disturbed, do they ever make up lies and report you to the authorities?” Without a thought, Dave said, “Oh yeah, all the time. Usually happens a few times per year that some kid tells DFS I’m molesting them or something.” The obvious question was asked, “So, what do you do then?” Dave said simply, ” I tell them to bring it on! Sure! Come on in! Investigate all you want! I do nothing wrong and I have nothing to hide! Bring on your investigation!”

I don’t think I have the fortitude to do Dave’s job. I’m glad there are people like him so I don’t have to. And I’m so happy he said, in so few words, what is a great way to conduct one’s life: do nothing wrong and fear no prying eyes.

Every time we hear aboutt an investigation in Washington, there’s someone trying to get a court order to stop it. Why? Unless there is something to hide, why not show the world? I’ve chosen to live life like Dave says: be transparent, do nothing illegal nor immoral and let anyone and everyone see whatever they want!

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