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While surfing around, I just found a link advertising a dating web site-for those of a certain political party. Not a political persuasion, but a specific political party. And I asked myself…is this really a good idea?

Sociologists tell us that if a group of moderately like-minded individuals comes together, the tendency is for the cohesion of the group to become more centered around the mutually agreed upon cause…while at the same time, that “cause” becomes more strict, fundamental and narrow.

For example, let’s say a group of environmentalists get together…not at a Greenpeace rally or anything, but let’s just say they happen to meet at a cocktail hour. When the conversation turns to the state of the environment, their leaning becomes devout and that’s what the individuals bond around. Next thing ya know, they’re out chaining themselves to trees…when, had you asked them if they’d ever do anything rash, they’d honestly answer no.

Or, let’s take the flip side. Example: a handfull of individuals meet through serendipity. Theyy are fairly conservative folks who lean towards the GOP. After some bonding time and feeling out where one another stands politically, the next thing ya know, they’re out bombing abortion clinics.

Now, the examples I gave ar laughable and extreme. Yet, there is truth in how people bond to one idea more stronglyy when it’s their only common ground.

Even with my fairly strong political leanings, I would never, EVER try to date someone I found through a web site based around a political affiliation. Reason? Well, by the time we’d be having dessert, the political landscape would be tattered with our extreme conversations. Thankfully, I’m not dating any more and don’t have to worry about such things! Still, watch out for how extreme views creep in when there is only one item over which to bond.

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