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I’m not real big on conspiracy theories. Really, especially in politics, most politicians are so egocentric they can’t keep their nose out of a camera-even if they’re supposed to be keeping mumm.

So, a few days ago, I gave it nothing more than a passing “glance” when I heard a conspiracy theory being discussed on the morning news. Until, that is, I had my attention drawn to the man being interviewed. It is rumored(and maybe substantiated, I dunno) that our current president is a member of the secret society, Skull and Bones. I’m not a member, I’ve never been in a meeting, so the truth of this really doesn’t concern me.

However, many conspiracy theorists believe all sorta stuff about secret societies like Skull and Bones-that they control the world in some sort of new world order, that they own politicians, that all world leaders are secret members, blah blah blah. Well, this newscast helped fuel the fire of conspiracy theorists.

The Native American, Geronimo, is supposedly buried somewhere in the southwest. His descendent, also with the last name geronimo, was interviewed on Fox News about how he believes Geronimo’s skull was stolen from Geronimo’s grave and is in the possession of members of Skull and Bones; including W.

When the reporter asked Mr. Geronimo why he believes this, he stated that he had a dream that his ancestor’s remains were stolen. When pressed further, from whaat I gathered, there was little proof that the bbones were missing, much less possessed by anyone, much less possessed by Skull and Bones. Still, Mr. Geronimo is trying to get a sit down with President Bush to discuss this.

My first reaction was…beg pardon? A dream? A few nights ago, I dreamed I was talking to some of my high school football teammates in a condemned building in our home town, discussing how much it would snow that night. Does that mean I’m now qualified as a meterologist for The Weather Channel?

After thinking over this a bit more, it was so obvious(even though so unique) that Mr. Geronimo comes from such a different world viewpoint as those of us who are not Native American. Most of us do not believe that our dreams are glimpses into the future. Even if there are psychological findings that dreams reflect our conscious and unconscious minds, very few would offer creedence to the idea that our dreams should direct our specific actions…especially when they concern pursuing a meeting with the president.

Really? I’m glad Mr. Geronimo is doing this. It brings a new sprinkling of flavor to our modern world to believe and obey dreams. And…who’s to say he’s not right? If it turns out to be so, we should all pay a little more attention to the ways of the past. Until then, it just gives me some good internal feelings that there are people who don’t see the world as black and white.

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