Friendship Jealousy?

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Lately, as I’m about to civillay inherit kiddos, I’ve been trying to fill my head with as many good things as possible. By this, I mean books on the subject.

I just finished Dr. Phil’s “Phenomenal Families”-and I’ve gotta say, Dr. Phil again taught me some stuff. Yet, this morning’s reading wasn’t what Dr. Phil said, but what he quoted from Oscar Wilde.

As you’d expect, the book is in the other room, so this won’t be a direct quote-so sue me. Anyway, Wilde said, “A little piece of us dies inside every time a friend has a new success.”

Man, I hate to admit it, but in our keeping-up-with-the-Joneses world, this probably has more accuracy than at first glance. I like to think I celebrate the successes of my friends. But do I always? When my bud, Dave, got a promotion at the home for abused children where he works, I shook his hand. When another friend told me of his travel plans this summer, including two trips to extremely exotic locations I’m unable to even spell, yeah, there was a tiny bit of jealousy there.

However, in disagreement with Wilde, it doesn’t kill a part of me-it motivates me. Next summer, I want to plant my butt in the sand on a Caribbean Island I can’t spell! So, in the next 12 months, I’ll work my butt off to make that goal!

In our world, a little jealousy is to be expected. Like with everything, we can choose to look at the successes of others as a motivator, or de-motivator. And, as always, that choice is solely in our own hands.

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