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Today was one of the first days in a while where I was truly inspired to write. I was E chatting with my friend, Carrie, when she told me a story that is the subject for July’s newsletter.

I’ll not spill the beans on the subject, but let’s take time to think about where our lives might be if there weren’t that “one person.” For example, last night, my soon-to-be stepdaughter went to a church service where they had a guest speaker. The speaker was a Puerto Rican immigrant who, while still a teenager, got into armed robbery, specifically of banks. Brother has guts, I’ll give him that. He did 10 years for 23 counts of armed robbery and was converted while he was in prison.

According to him, there was one particular person in the can who turned his life around. That person believed in him, didn’t write him off as a piece of trash like the rest of society and singlehandedly helped him become the man he is today.

Even if you don’t have a story that is this dramatic, chances are, you can name a person or two who, through his/her belief in you, made you believe in yourself! THAT is what we all need to do-strive to be that one person for another. And, with that too wet your appetite, you’ll have to wait until July’s Marcus Engel Newsletter to learn more!

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