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Well, it’s official! Sunday, July 1, Marvelyne and I were married. It was a small wedding held in the home of Marvelyne’s sister, Martha, here in Orlando. Since I’ve had tons of friends asking for the details, here ya go!

The original plan was to be married outdoors by the pool, but since the summer rainy season decided to show it’s head right about wedding time, we moved the ceremony indoors. As Marvelyne says, “We do everything backwards anyway!”

We were fortunate to have the pastors, Leah and Jeff, not only hold the title of pastor, but also of friend. Leah and I have known one another since our first summer working at Camp Mo-Val, some 11 years ago. Marvelyne and Jeff have been friends just as long. It was incredibly special to have these two friends officiate our marriage. Thanks to both for giving part of themselves on our special day!

The groomsmen were DJ Grimwood, my old Kappa Sigma pledge brother and best friend, as well as Marvelyne’s son, Jordan. Taylor and Maddison, Marvelyne’s daughters, were the bridesmaids. Our flower girls were our neices, Lauren, Michaela and Gabby.

Our vows were written by us(duh, we ARE writers) and Leah and Jeff also made personal remarks concerning our friendship and marriage. Apparently, the first week I met Leah, (according to her), I said, “That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, you crazy, granola eating liberal!” I have no recollection of this, but I wouldn’t put it past me! Either way, there is hardly anyone who could have commented on “us” as well as Leah. The most touching testimonial she had was, “Marc loves life. And he makes everyone around him love life too.” Thanks, girl, for that…

After the wedding ceremony, Marvelyne and I had a few minutes to ourselves in an upstairs sitting room(just enough time to wipe away the tears and touch up some make-up…hers, not mine). We also had a few minutes to re-engage with the kids before entering the meal poolside. Since the rain had ended, Carraba’s and wedding cake were served outside. The night was beautiful, the friends and family precious andeverything was what we wanted-intimate, personal, funny and beautiful.

And, Marvelyne…I love you!

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  • mE

    mmm. i love you too!

  • marissaleclaire

    Congratulations on the wedding! Very happy for you both!


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