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Well, even though I thought I’d blog sometime sooner than this, I was wrong! Chalk that up to loving married life, honeymooning and being with out-of-town family!

So, again, for those who want to know…some deets!

We left last Thursday for our honeymoon outside of Cancun, Mexico. It’s been half a dozen years since I’ve been out of the country, but surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to get into old Mehico. The resort, The Excellence, was absolutely stunning, the food fantastic and, lemme tell ya, there’s no better way than to relax when there’s no cell phone coverage AND a lazy river 10 feet out your back door! It was truly what we needed after the last couple of months of running crazy with wedding prep, moving two households(one 1000 miles away) and just all the businessy end of getting hitched.

Because I’ve had several folks ask, no, Carson did not go honeymooning. I’m not exactly sure what Mexico’s laws are concerning working dogs, but I didn’t want to have to deal with those headaches nor taking care of Carson’s needs while I should have been making multiple mango margarita marathons around the lazy river. He stayed here in Orlando and my parents were kind enough to house/dog sit for us for a few days. He did great without me for four days and, after some initial excitement at seeing Marvelyne and I again, he quickly settled back into his routine lifestyle; sleeping, eating, getting petted, etc.

One of the most striking things of our honeymoon was the demeanor of the Mexicans. There’s a little something “off” about serving the needs of (primarily) Americans and Brits. Granted, there may be a few of their own countrymen who stay at the resort, but I’ll bet a shiny new nickle it’s a very, very small percentage. I wondered if there may be some resentment towards the gringos who they serve and rely on fr income. Yet, if there was any ill feelings, we saw none of them. In fact, a statement that was repeated almost everytime I said, “Gracias” was, “It’s a pleasure, senor!” And, I think it was for everyone!

More later when I have a bit more time to reflect on some other memories of Mexico, but for now, just know I’m back and blogging resumes in full now!

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