I’m Smart! Who Knew?

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So, one of my more annoying traits is overuse of a single word. Lots of people do this-get hooked on one word and then use it until it gets annoying. As of late, my word has been “ginormous.” Yeah, my friends are probably cringing at hearing this one more time, but now (drum roll, please), it turns out Webster’s agrees with me!

Every year, Webster’s Dictionary adds new words to the list of “acceptable” English words. I think we all agree that this is sensible since things like DVR and IED are abbreviations which have become household terms. I mean, new words will have to be invented along with the physical inventions that are inevitable in a progressing society.

But ginormous? How did that one get in there? I mean, I use it…but there was never a Webster’s employee calling me on the phone and asking, “So, Marcus, what do you think we should add to the dictionary this year?”

Well, according to the source itself, the fact I use the word is precisely why it IS in there for 07! Okay, maybe not me specifically, but the fact so many Americans use the word and it has been repeatedly seen in all media forms makes it good enough for Webster’s.

Yeah, I’m cutting edge…in a ginormous way! Ha!

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