Admit It, Own It, Then Shut Up!

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One big, big pet peeve with me is lying. Couple that with livingg out of integrity which is, of course, a form of lying. Well, yesterday while listening to a local news report, there was a shining example of both!

In a nearby suburb, a city politician was recently arrested for offering to perform a sex act on an undercover cop in a park at night. The official, when asked for comment, chose to divert the truth of the matter by saying, “I love this park! I helped build this park! I was only here to tour the park and see what condition it’s in, if anything needs repaired, etc.” That’s not a direct comment/quotation, but you get the idea.

Oh, really? So we’re to believe this “huge misunderstanding”(and that IS a direct quote) played out like Mr. Politician said? Please!

Look, if you do something wrong, admit it. wn up to the fact that you did, indeed, get caught. Then (wonder of all wonders), just shut up about it already!

Had said politician simply said, “I have no comment”, I’d have thought, “Dirtbag!” and then finished folding my laundry. But as he chose to try to lie and cover it up, it became blog worthy material.

Look, everyone makes mistakes. That’s part of life. When that happens, biggest thing most in the public eye do wrong is try to deny it and cover it up! When, in reality, our society is really pretty forgiving. Right or wrong, we are. After all, look at the dirtbags in D.C.! They’ve been there for years and we, as the public, have every ability to get rid of them. We haven’t. They stay. And thus, we learn major lessons-admit it, own it, then move on.

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