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Okay, I hate to admit this, but I’ve kinda, sorta become a fan of home improvement shows. I know, I know, as a certified hater of reality television, why would I waste my time watching this stuff? Simple answer: I’m a capitalist.

Yes, a capitalist. The reason for watching these shows is learning abouut real estate investing. I’m not seriously thinking of flipping houses at this point, but if I do ever decide that’s a possible source of income, at least I’ll have a rudimentary level of knowledge.

Last night, I caught an episode featuring a young couple, both 21 years old, who were trying to flip their first house in order to have enough money to put a down payment on a home of their own. In their initial interview, the husband said, “Yeah, we’re not real worried about this being real hard. After all, if we can get through a year and a half of marriage, we can get through anything!”

I really, really hope he was kidding-but he wasn’t. I just wanted to pat him on the head and say, “You dear, dear little foolish boy…”

Granted, I don’t know his marriage, but it’s hard to think 18 months of marriage is enough to equip one for any task that lays ahead. Hence, I think he’s got a pretty rose-colored view of the world…and yet? I like how he thinks. He’s using the past as building blocks for the future; as futile and fragile as those building blocks are. If people look at their past accomplishments as supporting beams for their future, the obstacles in front don’t look quite so high.

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